Chicken Curry Noodles

Green Curry

We’ve been eating Thai curry in varoius forms since we lived in Thailand. We always use shop-bought paste and, over time, the basic recipe has morphed into a noodle dish rather than a rice dish so there’s nothing authentic about it. Tastes good though.

Now we’re back in the UK, we use Tesco green curry paste, one jar per curry.

Slice on onion and lightly fry in a large wok with a heaped teaspoon of chopped ginger and a teaspoon of chopped garlic. Add a teaspoon of Thai Spices and 3 kaffir lime leaves.

Add 500g of chicken breast (diced) and cook until the chicken is browned all over but not cooked through.

Pour in 1 can of coconut milk and stir in a full jar of green curry paste. Add a second can of coconut milk and 300ml of vegetable stock. Use the stock to rinse out the cans to make sure all of the coconut is in the wok.

Stir in a packet of stir-fry veg and a cup full of green leaves (sliced cabbage or spinach, wither works well).

Boil until the liquid has reduced by one third. Place in a packet of dried noodles and push down to ensure they are under the surface of the liquid.

Turn the heat down and simmer until the noodles are soft and have absobed most of the liquid.