Eton Mess Ice Cream Cake

This was a lovely recipe from Tesco of all places. We made a couple of adaptations. I wasn’t buying strawberry sauce just for this so we supplemented raspberry jam and we made both ice-cream flavours instead of buying. The fruit ice-cream is a mixed berry flavour (made by adding a cup of mixed berries to the base mix. We use frozen berries that are defrosted as they tend to be very juicy and soft enough to break down in the ice-cream maker. We kept the other as a plain base without adding any vanilla flavouring so it is simply double-cream ice-cream. We also sliced the strawberries in the food-processor so they were nice and evenly sliced. All in all it looked and tasted fantastic. We used the egg whites left over frm the ice cream to make the meringue so it really is all home made. Possibly not what Tesco was hoping for when they published the recipe!

Ice Cream
Eton Mess Ice Cream Cake
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