Rantings of a Political Loser

Welcome to my personal political viewpoints. I describe myself as a political loser for a number of reasons (as listed below):

  1. I have voted Liberal Democrat in every election I have been eligible to participate in apart from December 2019
  2. I moved abroad in 1998 and returned to the UK in 2019 and was, therefore, disenfranchised from the most important vote in my life – the EU Referendum of 2016
  3. I am a collaborative internationalist who believes wholeheartedly in the EU project
  4. I am firmly against nationalism in all it’s forms
  5. Due to 4, I have always been a believer of the UK as a single entity but, due to 2 and 3 I am now drawn to Scottish Independence as the only way I can see of regaining EU citizenship and EU benefits
  6. I am a left-of-centre soft socialist. I don’t believe in unfettered capitalism or neo-liberalism but I am equally wary of unconstrained socialism. At heart I support the Nordic model of socially-responsible-capitalism.

Over recent years I have seen the values which I hold dear, and which I believe made the UK a positive country and somewhere to be proud to hail from, being usurped and replaced with unrestricted capitalism and selfish individualism. All of the above means I feel I have lost the country I love, hence my description of myself as a political loser.

I will try and post to this blog weekly with my thoughts and musings on the political news of the week. Everything will be subject to personal bias and I promise no guarantee of deep analysis or intense fact-checking!

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