UK Internal Market Bill

What the actual F*** is going on. The government, who trumpeted the EU Withdrawal Agreement in January as the best thing ever now say it’s not good enough. Good olf Ian Duncan Smith (or Irritable Bowel Syndrome as I prefer to call him) laughed off the need to parliament to have more time to sritinise the Bill in January now says that it was rushed through. The people who still think this bunch of charlatans is acually looking out for their welfare are deluded beyond belief!

To have a government propose a law which they know is in breach of an agreement they signed only months earlier is unbelievable. We are a rogue state. It’s no surprise Ewan MacGregor has come over to the Scottish Independent side. I agree with everything he says here about the last referendum and the situation now.


Tony Abbot – What!!!!

What is going on. Tony Abbot, failed former Australian PM, proven mysogenist and homophobe appointed to the Board of Trade!

I thought Matt Hancock’s interview on Sky this week was priceless. When Kay Burley described TonyAbbot as a mysogenist and homophobe Matt Hancock replied with ‘and he’s also an expert on trade’. And he’s also! So, matthancock accepts Tony Abbot is a mysogenist and homophobe but that’s OK because he’s a trade expert! It is the same argument used to explain away statues of Slavers. “Yes, they had appalling views on the value of human life but look at the pretty things they built with the money”

I cannot say any more. My country is broken and lost to me!

Brexit Scotland UK

Boris Johnson cannot win the battle for the union | The New European

I can’t help but agree with most of what’s said in this article. There’s an interesting point that it seems likely that Scottish independence will come about due to actions English nationalism rather than as a result of the arguments for Scottish nationalism.

I think it is absolutely true that, had the government of the day tried to bridge the gap between leavers and remainers back in 2016 and forge some form of compromise we would be in a much better position. It didn’t and we’re now facing a no-deal Brexit that we were promised couldn’t possibly happen and which half of the constituent countries of the UK voted overwhelmingly to avoid. The complete disregard for the hopes and desires of the Scottish and Northern Irish is deplorable. The painting of everyone who wants a close relationship with (if we’re not allowed membership of) the EU as enemies of the people, anti-democratic, anti-patriots has created a sense among ardent remainers of us being different to “the people”. The way the far right have gained ground and the rise of overt racism over the past 4 years makes me happy to consider myself different. Of course, if we’re different, why should we be governed by leaders who don’t care about our views or opinions.

The economic arguments against the break-up of the Union are strong, but only if you assume the Scottish economy needs to continue on the free-market libertarian model which was been brought in to the UK since the 1980s. The Irish economy is booming. The Scandinavian’s seem to be doing OK. The Baltic states don’t look destitute. They are all comparable in size to Scotland. If they can do it surely Scotland can go it alone too? Especially if, as I hope, going it alone means rejoining the EU and banafitting from the richest, most diverse trading area in the world.

We need the other UK parties to look seriously about how to either fix or disagregate the UK and what they want the future to look like. For Labour and the LibDems to simply state that the Union is better than independence isn’t good enough. The Union hasn’t worked in Scotland’s interests or respected Scotland’s views – certainly for the past 5 years. In my opinion, the Scottish arms of these parties are looking tired and out-of-touch. The LibDem’s have long championed electroral reform as they recognise the disenfrachising nature of the UK FPTP system. Why aren’t they promoting federalisation as a way of holding the nation together culturally while allowing seperate decisions on the direction and organisation of each seperate state? Labour is losing ground because their Unionist arguments is made better by the Tories and their social responsibility arguments arte made better by the SNP. Why aren’t they pushing for similar arrangements for Scotland as Northern Ireland post-Brexit whereby a that nation can remain in the Customs Union? I suspect SCotland would want to enter the EEA, at least, to have full access to the Single Market, buying into the 4 freedoms. Scotland needs immigration to help generate tax revenue to support an aging population. This is recognised by the population at large in way it doesn’t seem to be in England. I guess that’s another difference between a colonised country (Scotland) and it’s colonial oppressor (England).