Asylum Seekers and Immigration

Why is Pritti Patel so proud that she’s “ending free movement”. Does everyone not realise that what she’s doing is ending free movement for British people. We are the ones losing the right to travel, live, study and work across the European Union. EU citizens still have that right. We don’t. Tbis is not something we should be celebrating.

Of course, the reasons behind it is outright xenophobia amongst her party and the electorate. It’s exactly the same as the awful reporting of the asylum seekers and refugees trying to cross the Channel. She is Home Secretary. She should know the law. Crossing the Channel to enter the country is not illegal. International Law does not require asylum seekers to seek asylum in the first safe country they land in. They are legally allowed to pass through countries if they wish. This is International convention that the UK is a signatory of. The first country rule was an EU agreement to allow for asylum seekers to be more easily processed and encouraged to settle across the continent instead of heading for the big 3 (Germany, France and the UK). Britain has left the UK so we’ve left that agreement ( I bet that pleases the UKIPpers). The numbers are small. There’s an estimated 4000 entered this year. That’s 0.006%. That is 0.6 of 1%.

In the 1930s, asylum seekers and refugees came from Nazi Germany (and the Mail and the Express complained about them). In the 70s and 80s they came from Vietnam. In the 2000s they are coming from the Middle East. They are fleeing war, political unrest, riot, famine and criminal activity. All of the evidence is that they become net contributors to the economy. They are NOT receiving huge sums on benefits. They are being housed and have access to around £36 per week to support them while their claims are processed. They are being demonised. The language used in the debate is terrible. It is a sign of a country that has lost, or is losing, it’s compassion. It is appalling.