The Royal family is dysfunctional. No question. I have deep admiration and respect for the Queen. She was born in a different age and had conducted herself honourably for her entire life. But . . .

Do we need a monarchy? No. Is the monarchy truly representative of modern Britain? Well?

I think there is a significant difference in opinion based on age. No surprise there. And I think I am at the age where things start to change. I think most people younger than me wouldn’t call themselves. Monarchists and don’t see the value in them. Those older than me probably couldn’t countenance the idea of becoming a Republic.

Surely this whole debacle with Harry and Megan shows how impossible the Royals position is. Harry has served his country in combat, has worked hard to promote veteran support. And fell in love with someone who didn’t fit the mould. They have had nothing but negative press since and have been driven out of the UK and still hounded. They can’t live normal lives because of who they are so the opportunity to interview with Oprah would be too good to miss. The utter vitriol they have been subjected to has been disgusting.

I suspect it is another area where the English electorate in general differs from the Celtic nations and is another reason why the political union is under strain and needs to be broken before serious harm is caused.

I certainly have no respect for Charles and fail to see how and why he should be our Head of State. And the idea of a man the age of my nephew being my “ruler” purely because of birth is ridiculous.

I have always thought of myself as a “soft” royalist. I’m not especially keen on the institution but couldn’t see how an elected Head of State (political or figurehead) would be better or cheaper. Now I’m not so sure and I do think that when the Queen dies I suspect I’ll move over to the replicas camp. Hopefully Scotland will be independent by then anyway so it won’t be an issue.