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SNP Implosion?

It’s been a while so I wonder if anyone is still listening? Anyway, I’m back and will, once again, try and post regularly.

Since I last posted we have had the debacle of Christmas, the continued mishandling of the pandemic by the Westminster government and the calm assurances of the First Minister.

Just recently, the press has been full of the ongoing saga of the Alex Salmond inquiry. Last week Nicola Sturgeon spent 8 hours in parliament answering questions on this total non-story. Interestingly, the papers, and the BBC (Bravely Broadcasting for the Conservatives) were full of commentary about how, if she was found to have mislead parliament she would have to resign. This was being pushed by both Tory and Labour leaders!

Really, The Scottish Tory leadership calling for the resignation of a politician who may have made some procedural mistakes! After Priti Awful’s bullying and recdent 6 figure settlement, Matt Hancock’s breaking of the law over procurement, Gavin Williamson’s basic incompetence and Boris’s constant lies, untruths and exagerations. How can they be so hypocritical?

Oh, that’s right, they’re Tories. Do as I say, we are the natural party of government and all the plebs should no their place. Is it purely coincidental that this is all coming a couple of months before the Scottish elections? Hmm, let me think.