Tory misgovernment

When he was elected with an “oven ready” deal why has it come down to the wire to agree our future trading relationships with the EU. I remain absolutely appalled by the ideological cavalierism of the current Tory government. For the sake of fishing, an industry which brings a few hundred million into the economy at best producing a product which few Britons consume, they’ve abandoned the automotive industry, the commercial aerospace industry, the banking, insurance and business services industry, the performing arts industry and the tertiary education industry.

They are charlatans of the greatest magnitude and I am tired of hearing the blame for the disaster to come placed at the feet of the EU, Remainers or the Opposition.

There’s a meme going round at the moment showing the political aims of the National Front in the 1970s and it is a frightening sign of how far to the right our country has drifted that they are unseperable from the current Tory aims.